The New Era of Teeth Whitening

What is tooth whitening?

The process of tooth whitening is often described as an effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth without removing any of the surfaces of the tooth. It cannot make an entire color of the teeth change, but it’s going to lighten the prevailing shade of your teeth.

Tooth “whitening” is defined as any process which will make teeth appear whiter. There are two ways this is often commonly done: bleaching and non-bleaching whitening treatment with teeth whitening equipment. A product is taken into account simply “whitening” when it removes food or debris from the teeth without bleach.

Why would you need your teeth to be whitened?

There are a variety of reasons why you would possibly get your teeth whitened. Most are different; and even as our hair and complexion vary, so do our teeth. Our teeth also can become more discolored as we grow old which can now be treated.

Your teeth also can be stained by some kind of food and drinks like tea, coffee, wine, and blackcurrant. Smoking also causes stains on teeth.

Sometimes ‘Calculus’ or tartar also plays an important role in affecting the color of your teeth. Some people have some kind of staining under the surface of teeth, which may be caused due by the intake of certain antibiotics or by tiny cracks with inarehe the teeth which take up stains.

What’s in Bleaching Products?

Bleaching is a product of teeth whitening equipment that contains peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) and this helps in removing both surface and deep stains on teeth and causes teeth to become even lighter than their actual natural shade.

One of the most common ingredients in products of teeth whitening kits available from dentists or drugstores is peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide). Peroxide is that the actual bleach, while carbamide peroxide breaks down into peroxide.

The bleaching products that you’ll get from a dentist are much stronger than those which are purchased over-the-counter and work more effectively. Whiteners employed by dentists may have the maximum amount of 35% to 45% peroxide while the store-bought whitening kits like whitening strips or trays usually have just 7% peroxide.

Treatment by dentists:-

Professional whitening is often wiped out in a dentistst’s office in about an hour. The procedure of teeth whitening involves the application of a tooth whitening gel which contains between 25% to 40% peroxide, then the dentists aim at a special heating lamp which focuses on your teeth for 20-minute intervals three times, and with reapplication of the gel between these intervals. Some dentists can also use a laser, which is reported to accelerate or activate the teeth whitening process. Sometimes for optimal results, the dentist will offer you whitening trays molded for your teeth so that you’ll follow-up reception with bleaching solutions. A dentist also can adjust the bleach concentration and provides you a desensitizing agent to use before or after application. Teeth whitening Kits often provide enough gel for one two-week treatment per annum, plus some extra for a couple of touch-ups in between.


You can help to stay your teeth white by lowering the quantity of food and drinks you’ve got which will stain your teeth. Do not forget, stopping smoking also can help prevent discoloration and marking.

We recommend the subsequent tips to require care of your teeth:

  • Brush your teeth last item in the dark and a minimum of one other time during the day, with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you’ve got sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist, as often as they recommend and get proper medication.

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