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Research said that health during childhood sets the stage for adult health not only reinforces this attitude , but also creates an important ethical, social, and economic imperative to make sure that each one children are as healthy as they’re going to be. Healthy children are more likely to become healthy adults and help in creating a far better nation and beautiful future.

Importance of health of babies:-

According to baby doctors adequate nutrition during infancy and childhood is important to make sure that the  growth , health, and development of children to their full potential. Poor nutrition increases the risk of illness. Inappropriate nutrition also can cause childhood obesity which is an increasing public ill health in many countries. Early nutritional deficits also are linked to long-term impairment in growth and health. Malnutrition during the primary 2 years of life causes stunting, resulting in the adult being several centimeters shorter than his or her potential height. There’s evidence that adults who were malnourished in infancy have impaired intellectual performance.

Ways to enhance the baby health:-

The baby doctors have suggested some simple things that parents can do to remain their baby at a healthy weight and set them on the simplest path to stay that way.

    1. Breastfeed:-

Some mothers cannot do this at all , and many of them cannot continue this for very long. But if it’s possible, breastfeeding could also be a useful way to get your baby started.

    1. Don’t answer every cry with a feed:-

Babies cry out for many kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s hunger, but sometimes they cry once they are tired, scared, overwhelmed, bored, uncomfortable, or simply want to be held. If it’s been only a short time since a feed, parents should try a few other things before they feed the baby.

    1. Don’t overfeed:-

If your doctor has said that your baby is underweight and needs to eat more, that’s a special story and you need to ask your doctor about what to do next. But if the baby is healthy, then if he says he’s done, then don’t overfeed.

    1. Give healthy solid food:-

Once your baby is prepared , give fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, and lean meats. While iron-fortified baby cereals are often healthy, don’t overdo them.

    1. Start family meals early:-

As soon as your baby can sit on a chair, bring her to the table to eat with everyone. Children who eat meals with their parents are less likely to be overweight — and family dinners help build strong relationships and help children achieve school (and help keep teens out of trouble).

    1. Get your baby moving:-

Exercise should be started early. Get your baby on the floor; encourage movement done by babies. Get down on the ground with them to support and encourage them. Make safe places for them to crawl and learn to steer and run. Take them out for walks — and once they’re going to walk, confirm they walk too. If you create active play and family exercise as a standard in a neighborhood of each day , it not only helps babies get to and occupy a healthy weight, it makes it more likely that they are getting to move as children, teens, and adults.

Visit child health clinic permanently health of babies:-

A health visitor of a baby health clinic will usually visit you for the primary time around 10 days after your baby is born. Until then you will be under the care of your local midwives. They’re qualified nurses who have had extra training. There they try to help you, your family and your new baby to stay healthy. Your health visitor from the baby health clinic can visit you at home , otherwise you can see them at the clinic, GP surgery or clinic , counting on where they’re based. They’ll confirm you’ve got their telephone number.

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