Get these C serums for Bright and Glowing Skin

Are you worried about hyperpigmentation and acne scars? Worry no more! Say goodbye to these with this C serum today! It contains vitamin c which is one of the best ingredients for skincare. When used on a regular basis, it can help in brightening dull skin, diminishing acne scars, even out your skin tone, hydrate it and protect it from further damage and pollution. Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid is a powerhouse antioxidant found in high quantities in this serum to provide the most efficient results. It leaves the skin supple and glowing when applied. It is a potent product ensuring optimal efficiency to perfect your skin. Our clients who have used this product have said it makes the skin noticeably brighter and smoother, and a slew of before and after photos showcasing fading acne scars and dark spots on a range of skin tones. It is believed to be not irritating while offering maximum efficacy. It is also capable of filling unwanted lines and wrinkles. It repels free radicals and soothes skin.

Why get your serum from us?

  • It is gentle yet gives effective results.
  • It contains Vitamin e which does not irritate your skin like other skin products due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone within two weeks of regular use.
  • It is cost-effective and easily available at our website or stores.
  • It also consists of vitamin 3, ferulic acid, and fruit enzymes along with vitamin c that will help to brighten and buff the skin’s texture.
  • It is lightweight and sinks into the skin easily.
  • It is highly stable and can live right into your vanity or medicine cabinet.
  • It consists of fragrances to make it cruelty free.

This vitamin c serum has shown synergistic benefits and helps to protect vitamin c formulas from losing efficiency quickly. The container isn’t transparent to protect the serum from excessive sunlight. It enables it to last for a long time even if you don’t use it everyday. It also protects the skin barrier from free radicals with continued use. It is great for hydrating your skin. It has also proved to be effective in boosting radiance of your skin and reducing discoloration. It also comprises jojoba seed oil to retain moisture and rosehip oil to help cell generation. It also contains small traces of green tea in order to protect the skin from premature ageing and environmental stressors.

This product also consists of microscopically encapsulated Vitamin c in order to effectively prevent its degradation from light and air. It is created by expert cosmetic chemists and dermatologists to give utmost importance to efficacy and stability. It also has ascorbyl glucoside along with salicylic acid which also enables it to act as a great exfoliating agent and get rid of dead skin cells to increase its efficiency. Our clients love its fresh scent and how the dark spots fade away with time after using it. We also ensure non re-occurrence of your problems and maintain your glow.

How to apply it:

Take a small ounce or 4-5 drops of serum on your fingertips and massage it gently on your face in a circular motion for a few minutes. Make sure to spare a few minutes before you apply your regular moisturizer or cream. Use it once a day and repeat this for 10 days to see effective results.

Get these C serum and vitamin c serum from today at affordable rates and effective results.

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